words prefix and suffix

words prefix and suffix

words prefix and suffix


it’s used to make new words and it’s added before the main word.

A Asleep apathy arouse abide
Be Believe  beside, bemuse besiege
Bene Benefit Benevolent, benefactor
Circum Circumference,e circumnavigate
Cata Catapult, catatonic, catastrophe
De Dethrone descend
Dys Dysentery dyslexia
Extra Extraterrestrial extraordinary
Epi Epithet, epicenter, epilogue
Eu Euthanasia, eulogy euphemism
Fore Forecast, foretell, foreshadow
Homo Homonyms, homograph
Hyper Hypersensitive hypertension
Hypo Hypodermic hypothetical
In Innate intrinsic
Imp Impious implore
Mal Malediction,malefactor, malignant
Mono Monogamy, monopoly,
Post Postmortem, postpone
Ex Exodus extract
Pre Prenatal, prediction
Phil Philanderer, philosophy, philatelist
Per Perodonitis,periscope, permtere,
Syn Synagogue, synchronise,




it’s used to make new words and it is added After the main word.

Ar  Particular, Secular, Scholar
Al Immortal Rational Logical Portal
Ary Ordinary honorary 
Cy Bankruptcy supremacy
Ble Eligible, legible
Ile Juvenile, ductile
Tive Alternative Assertive
lent Indolent, Prevalent
Ate  Associate Fascinate
Fy Liquefy, Clarify
Ize Stabilize, normalize
Ism Nihilism, feminism
Isi Crisis, Parenthesis
Ist Journalist, gynecologist
Ous Prosperous, dangerous
Esque Burlesque, Picturesque
Ly Cowardly Quickly
Ward Toward, Upward
Hood Hood childhood, Boyhood
Ther Father, Mother
Ness Politeness boldness
Ship Leadership Friendship
Th Lenth Growth
En Dampen, Chicken, golden
Ed Ed Wicked Learned
Ful Careful, fruitful
Ish Boyish, Girlish
Less Careless, fearless
Some Troublesome, Wholesome



Some More  Examples


Accurate Accuracy
Agent Agency
Constant Constancy
Bankrupt Bankruptcy
Frequent Frequency
Infant Infancy
Intimate Intimacy
Pregnant Pregnancy
Private Privacy
Secret Secrecy
Urgent Urgency
Vacant Vacancy


Bond Bondage 
Break Breakage
Broke Broker
Short Shortage
Coin Coinage
Marry Marriage
Leak Leakage
Pilgrim Pilgrimage
Orphan Orphanage
Cart Cartage
Stop Stoppage
Use Usage
Waste Wastage


Arrive Arrival
Approve Approval
Betray Betrayal
Bury Burial
Deny Denial
Dismiss Dismissal
Propose Proposal
Refuse Refusal
Remove Removal
Despise Disposal
Try Trial
Post Postal


Allow Allowance
Assist Assistance
Accept Acceptance
Appear Appearance
Ignore Ignorance
 Guide Guidance
Disturb Disturbance
Attend Attendance
Assure Assurance
Importance Importance
Repent Repentance
Resemble Resemblance
Perform Performance


Absent Absence
Confer Conference
Resident Residence
Refer Reference
Present Presence
Offend Offense
Exist Existence
Differ Difference
Obedient Obedience


Argue Argument
Apart Apartment
Allot Allotment
Achieve Achievement
Agree Agreement
Advertise Advertisement
Acknowledge Acknowledgment
Amuse Amusement
Announce Announcement
Appoint Appointment
Assign Assignment
Attach Attachment
Commit Commitment
Depart Department
Enlarge Enlargement
Entertain Entertainment
Enjoy Enjoyment
Excite Excitement
Employ Employment
Govern Government
Improve Improvement
Invest Investment
Judge Judgment
Manage Manganemt
Move Manganemt
Pay  Payment
Settle Settlement
Require Requirement
Refresh Refreshment
Treat Treatment


words prefix and suffix

Bitter Bitterness
Busy Business
Cheap Cheapness
Calm Calmness
Clean Cleanliness
Cold Coldness
Dark Darkness
Dull Dullness
Eager Eagerness
Exact Exactness
Fair Fairness
Foolish Foolishness
Frank  Frankness
Happy Happiness
Lonely Loneliness
Lazy Laziness
Holy Holiness
Idle Idleness
Ill Illness
Kind Kindness
Good Goodness
Harsh Harshness
One Oneness  
Polite Politeness
Slow  Slowness
Sweet Sweetness
Ugly Ugnlenes
Sad Sadness
Quick Quickness
Nervous Nervousness
Weak Weakness


Attract Attraction
Calculate Calculation
Celebrate Celebration
Correct Correction
Contribute Contribution
Cooperate Cooperation
Complete Completion
Convict Conviction
Construct Construction
Except Exception
Elect Election
Exempt exemption
Educate Education
Digest Digestion
Devote Devotion
Deduct Deduction
Create Creation
Instruct Instruction



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words prefix and suffix

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