Sentences correction in English

Sentences correction in English


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  • Ashish is very intelligent?
  • Bablu is a very poor boy?
  • Can you speak English.
  • Does you drink milk?
  • Esha wouldn’t like to lives here.
  • Fulki bought a new mobiles yesterday.
  • Gagan please come in?
  • Harish should coming in uniform.
  • I have saw your school.
  • Jagdish will win the match!
  • Kajal did not wanted to go to the village.
  • Lalit say that the grapes were sour.
  • Mohan was blind?
  • Neha will not wears this type of shoes.
  • She learn a few words every day.
  • The writer were a very rich person.
  • Umesh does not lives here.
  • Varun doesn’t drinks tea.
  • Where does he works?
  • Why are satish alone here?
  • Where is your brothers?
  • When were they come?
  • What all did you done in your life.
  • What is the name of your state.
  • You are a very clever boy.


Correct answers with Hindi Meaning.

Ashish is very intelligent.

आशीष बहुत बुद्धिमान हैं।

Bablu is a very poor boy.

वह बहुत गरीब लड़का है।

Can you speak English?

क्या आप अंग्रेजी में बोल सकते हैं?

Do you drink milk?

क्या आप दूध पीते हैं?

Esha wouldn’t like to lives here.

ईशा यहां नहीं रहना चाहेंगी।

Fulki bought a new mobile yesterday.

फुल्की ने कल एक नया मोबाइल खरीदा।

Gagan Please come in.

गगन कृपया अंदर आओ।

Harish should come in uniform.

हरीश को यूनिफार्म में आना चाहिये।

I have seen your school.

मैं आपका स्कूल देख चुका हूं।

Jagdish will win the match.

जगदीश मैच जीतेगा।

Kajal did not want to go to the village.

काजल गांव जाना नहीं चाहती थी। 

Lalit said that the grapes were sour.

ललित ने कहा कि अंगुर खट्टे थे।

Mohan was blind.

मोहन अँधा था।

Neha will not wear this type of shoes.

नेहा इस प्रकार के जूते नहीं पहनेगी।

She learns a few words every day.

वह हर रोज कुछ शब्द सीखती हैं।

The writer was a very rich person.

लेखक बहुत अमीर व्यक्ति था।

Umesh does not live here.

उमेश यहां नहीं रहता हैं।

Varun tea doesn’t drink Tea.

वरुण चाय नहीं पीता है।


Why are you alone here?

आप यहां अकेले क्यों हो?

Where is your brother ?

आपका भाई कहां है।

When were they coming.

वे कब आ रहे थे।

What all did you do in your life?

आपने आपके जीवन में क्या क्या किया?

What is the name of your state?

आपके राज्य का क्या नाम है।

You are a very clever boy.

तुम बहुत चालाक लड़के हो।

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sentences Correction in English

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