Preposition Examples Sentences

Preposition Examples Sentences


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A Preposition is a word placed before a Noun or a Pronoun to show in relation to some other word in the sentence.

Preposition Examples Sentences



They are all in pink.
He is in school.
She talks in the English Language.
There are many people in the stadium.
He is in the army.
Rajni would play in the evening.
Her father is in the police.



Naresh is to participate in this program.
Rajni has to read it.
Vikas is to do this work.
He has gone to school.
Rajesh is coming to Christmas.
She will come to Deepawali.



Rajan is at work.
She is at home.
Rani was at the office.
She is in school at this time.
Raman eats food at eleven am.
Ritu reaches home at 7.00 P.M. from the work.
He always comes home at 9.00 P.M daily.



The pen is under the table.
I am working under her.
I was sitting under the tree.
There is a shop under the bridge.
He is under police custody.
There is a river under the railway track.



I will play on Monday.
His house is on the main road.
She is on the bus to Mumbai.
Rani will come on Monday.
The police station is on the right.



He will go by bus.
Rakesh will go by road.
He will come by 12 ‘O’clock.
Aman is scolded by his boss.
You will be beaten by the police.
She is thought of by her dance teacher.
He will leave for school by 7.00 A.M.
You will be sent home by your brother.
She will be given a water bottle by a boy.
Your food is being cooked by the restaurant.



He got this job through his uncle.
She can see you through the window.



He will come after me.
She will marry after you.
He goes to school after his sister.
He will play the match after you.
He may come after you brother.
He may complete your work after his work.



Raju will come before me.
She can complete her before me.
You will search it before that I will search it.


In front of

She is in front of me.
Her school was in front of a grocery shop.
There is a guava tree in front of my school.
There is a hospital in front of the police station.

Preposition Examples Sentences



He will play for you.
She is waiting for you.
We can sing the song for you.
She can sing the song for you.
Rakesh will come only for you.
Mahesh has been here for two hours.
He will leave for school by 7.00 A.M.
Sakshi has been studying for three hours.
We have been watching a horror movie for two hours.



 Exactly higher than on in contact with the surface.


 There is a fan over his head.


Exactly higher than in contact with; covering someone or something


From one side to the other.
The Blanket is over the floor.
There is a bridge over this canal.
 More Than
She is over twenty-five.


Change in shape or form
Translate this into Hindi.
Rajesh gets into trouble.
 Into movement inside a place
He is going into the room.
She is diving into the swimming pool.


With two people or things


I am playing between two boys.
My house is between two houses.
I was eating between two people.
I was talking between Rakesh and Mukesh.
Manish has been walking for an hour between two ways.



Who can be counted


Rakesh is studying among four students.
She was scolding him among Four people.
Rajesh is studying among five students.
She is eating food among ten people.
Mahesh will be writing a letter among seven students.
Who can not be counted



He was amongst many people.
His house is amongst many houses.
She was sitting amongst Many students.
Rahul works amongst Many people.
He will be playing a match amongst many players
She was singing songs amongst too many people.


Up to

She can earn up to fifteen thousand per month.
You will get up to a twenty percent discount on this product.



He is coming towards us.
He goes to school toward us.



My father is coming upward.
My Mother is going to the upward room.



We have to use of Ago Proposition when were talking about our past thing.

He met me five years ago.
She came here two years ago.
Raj used to play this game three years ago.
Mahesh came here 2 hours ago.



I can send you many songs via mobile.
She can earn money via mobile.



We will come together at home.
She will not go together with her brother.

Some more examples will be updated soon.

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Preposition Examples Sentences


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