Interrogative sentences with Examples

Interrogative sentences with Examples


Interrogative sentences with Examples

There are two types of Interrogative Sentences.


1 When we ask something someone and gives the answer.
Such as
Q. What are you doing? (Asking)
A. I am playing football. (Answer)
2  It’s an answer given only  Yes or No
Q. Do you know about her past?
A.  Yes




Am I unwell?

Am I feeling sleepy?

Am I using mobile?

Am I under obligation to you?

Am I missing something?

Are they happy?

Are they wealthy?

Are you paying the bill?

Are you still working there?

Are you buying something?

Are you acquainted with this person?

Are you going there?

Are they telling lies?

Is he a student?

Is he poor?

Is he dishonest?

Is he honest?

Is he related to you?

Is it your bag?

Is he strong?

Is this your favorite song?

Is Rakesh a clever boy?

Is he walking in the garden?

Do you believe him?

Do you want to go there?

Do you understand?

Do you speak English?

Do you learn English language?

Do you know how to drive a car?

Do you let him go?

Do you wake up at 7 A.M.?

Do they ask you something?

Does he know him?

Does he drink water?

Does he drive that car?

Does he make excuse?

Does she go to school?

Does Ram Play a song?

Does she eat fruits?




Interrogative sentences with Examples


Has he hurt his toe?

Has he done this according to your advice?

Have you done it?

Have you met him?

Have you seen that movie?

Have you seen that man?

Has he gone for a haircut?

Can you climb on the tree?

Could you play the song?

Can I switch off the phone?

May I come, Madam?

May I ask you something?

Should we work hard?

Should I worry about my future?

Did you give him money?

Did you tell him?

Did you live there?

Did she see your house?

Did you explain to him?

Did they meet you?

Had he reached there?

Had he thought about it?

Had he eaten the food?

Had they come to school?

Had we cleaned our rooms?

Was he 20 years old?

Was he at home?

Was he repairing his mobile?

Was he bringing a book?

Were you in Mumbai?

Were you looking at him?

Were you finding something?

Were you changing your room?

Were you thinking about him?

Will you marry me?

Will he come tomorrow?

Will you allow it ?

Will we meet tomorrow?

Will she be waiting for you?

Will we go to a picnic?

Will she be studying tomorrow?

Will you be scolding him?

Will you be teaching them?

Will you be learning English?

Will they be watching TV?

Will  She be waiting for you?

Would you like to paint this house?

Would you like to take coffee or tea?

Would you like to know about that?

Would you like to work here?

Would they like to give them some fruits?

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Interrogative sentences with Examples

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