Gender in English

Gender in English


There are four types of Gender in English.


  • Masculine Gender

Nouns – Man, Boy, King, Father, Brother, (It is used for male.)



  •  Feminine Gender

Nouns – Girl, Mother, Deer, Cow, Bee, (It is used for Female.)



  • Neuter Gender

Noun – Chair, Book, Pen, Tree, Table.( It is used for non living things)



  • Common Gender

Noun – Teacher, Child, Student, Servant, Friend, Doctor, Poet, Actor,

(It is used for Male & Female both)

Gender in English

Antelope Doe
Ass Jenny
Boy Girl
Brother Sister
Badger Boar Jaw
Bull Cow
Bullock Heifer Cow
Bull Elephant Cow elephant
Butler Maid
Cob swan Pen
Cock/rooster Hen
Cockerel Pullet
Colt Filly
Cat  Tom-cat Teddy-cat
Deer Doe
Dog Bitch
Donkey Jenny
Drake Duck
Drone Bee
Dad Mom
Duke Duchess
Drone Bee
Gander goose
Leopard Leopardess
Lion Lioness
Peacock Peahen
Pigeon Hen pigeon
Seal/bull seal Cow seal
Stage Hind
Stallion Mare
Tiger Tigress
Heir Heiress
Actor Actress
Author Authoress
Bachelor Spinster
Bridegroom Bride
Fox Vixen
Gentleman Lady
God Goddess
Grandfather Grandmother
Hero Heroine
Host Hostess
male Female
Monk Nun
Sir Madam
Steward Stewardess
Waiter Waitress
Step Son Step Daughter
Brother Sister
Conductor Conductress
Count Countess
Emperor Empress
Fiance Fiancee
Governor Matron
Giant Giantess
Hunter Huntress
King Queen
Man Woman
Master Mistress
Monitor Monitorice
Nephew Niece
Poet Poetess
Priest Priestess
Milkman Milkmaid
Man Servant Maid Servant
Lad Lass
His Her
He She
Sportsman Sportswoman
Mr Mrs
Businessman Businesswoman
Spokesman Spokeswoman
Brother in law Sister in low
Father in law Mother in low
Land Lord Land Lady
Maternal uncle Maternal aunt
Cock sparrow Hen sparrow
Governor Matron
Grandson Grand Daughter
Step Father Step Mother
Policeman Policewoman
Porter Portress
Uncle Aunt
Widower Widow
Wizard Witch
Wolf/he wolf She-wolf


I hope these gender words will be liked by you.

Gender in English
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Gender in English Sentence

• He is my father.
• वह मेरे पिताजी हैं।
• She is my mother.
• वह मेरी मां है।
• Rakesh is my brother.
• राकेश मेरा भाई हैं।
• Seema is my sister.
• सीमा मेरी बहन हैं।
• She is a girl.
• वह एक लड़की है।
• He is a boy.
• वह एक लड़का है।
• Rani is her granddaughter.
• रानी उसकी होती है।
• Ram is his grandson.
• राम उसका पोता है।
• She is my Mother in law.
• वह मेरी सासू मां हैं।
• He is my Father in law.
• वह मेरे ससुर हैं।

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