Conjunction in English with Meaning

Conjunction in English


Conjunction Definition

A conjunction is a word or group of words that joins together words, groups, or clauses. In English,

And  As well as,
 But, Because
Either Or,
Neither Nor,
Not only But also
Though Yet,
Before, After,
Otherwise So that
Both  And,
For, since, Even
Unless As if



Rakesh and Suresh play with them.
He is my brother and he is a cricket player.
He obtained both a prize and a scholarship.
Mohan and Rakesh come there daily.


If he comes here I will not come here.
If he is at home then Rakesh will not come.
He will pass if he works Hard.
He will not pass if he does not work Hard.


He said that he would not play the game.
I know that he will go there.
He said that prices were soaring up.


He failed because he did not work.
Rakesh did not come to school because he was a fever.
I can buy something because he has a lot of money
He will have to go to school because today his exam.
He failed because he did not work.
You must call your father because he is out of town.


Although he is poor yet he is honest.
Although he is rich yet he is dishonest.
She will pass though he does not work hard.
He is very poor though he is not contented.


As well as
You as well as bhim are good players.
He is my father as well as he is a good teacher.
He is my father as well as he is a good teacher.
You and as well as I are strong.
He as well as I is ready to go.
My brothers, as well as Mohan, are playing.


Either he is at fault or his brother.
Either the brother or the sister has done it.
Either the teachers or the principal is at fault.
Either the teacher was mistaken or the boy.
Either I shall stay in this house or he.
Either you have stolen my watch or he.


Neither he can sleep nor work.
Neither Mohan nor I am strong.
Neither he is a rough nor a mad man.
Neither you have a helmet nor a license.
Neither the principal nor the teachers are at fault.


Conjunction in English


Conjunction in English with Meaning

But Also
He is not only a teacher but also a father.
We visited not only Delhi but also Mumbai.
Rakesh Roshan is not only an actor but also a director.


You are giving me money otherwise I will have to call the police.
Thank god you came otherwise, we have to request someone.
Work hard otherwise, you will not pass.


We must use of should with lest conjunction we can not use other conjunction with lest conjunction.


Walk slowly lest you should fall.
Work hard lest you should fail.


As if
He was talking to me as if he was my brother.
She was studying as if tomorrow was her exam.


We can only use unless conjunction in the negative sentences. We cannot use positive sentences with this conjunction

Unless you work hard you will not pass.
Unless you give me money I will complain to your father.
Unless you apologize, you will be punished by your parents.


Conjunction in English

This is the place where we are going
I did not know where he was going.
Place where one lives permanently.


I know whom does he like.


One who finds something good in something.
One who has belief in human progress.
This was the one boy who had to meet us.
She met him yesterday who was playing in the garden.


Negative Sentences Conjunctions


One who has no belief in human progress.
One who finds nothing good in anything.
This was not the one boy who had not to meet us.
He did not meet him yesterday who was playing in the garden.


So that
He will go to school so that he attends the class.
Please don’t give him money so that He could not buy anything from the market.
I will come here soon so that I shall not be late.
Please give me some money so that I could buy something from the market.
He will go to the school so that he could attend his class.
I will come soon so that I shall meet my father.
Please give me some time so that I could pay your money.


 Note:- We must have use of the comma before for conjunction 

He is here, for her mother is not at home.
Rakesh will support you, for his brother your friend.


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Conjunction in English




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