Active and Passive Sentence Examples

Active and Passive Sentence Examples

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active and passive sentence examples
active and passive sentence examples

There are many types of sentence in the Active and Passive Voice

A.V.  He is bringing a pen.

P.V. A pen is being brought by him.

A.V. Rani cooked food.

P.V. Food was cooked by Rani.

A.V. He scolds me.

P.V. I am scolded by him.

A.V. She is to call him.

P.V. He is to be called by her.

A.V. He is reading a book.

P.V. A book is being read by him.

A.V. We ate the apple.

P.V. The apple was eaten by us.

A.V. He is taking the dog for a walk.

P.V. The dog is being taken for a walk.

A.V. Durgesh teaches English.

P.V. English is taught by Durgesh.

A.V. Mukesh is calling you.

P.V. You are being called by mukesh.

A.V. I will asked you.

P.V. You will be asked by me.

A.V. I am buying a new car.

P.V. A new car is being bought by me.

A.V. I have to do my work.

P.V. My work has to be done.

A.V. I saw him.

P.V. He was seen by me.

A.V. Shivani is writing a book.

P.V. A book is being written by Shivani.

A.V. She lost her purse.

P.V. Her purse was lost.

A.V. Radhika had deceived me.

P.V. I had been deceived by Radhika.

A.V. I will give you money.

P.V. You will be given money.

A.V. They will punish you.

P.V. You will be punished by them.

A.V. You can leave this lesson.

P.V. This lesson can be left by you.

A.V. He is destroying his future.

P.V. His future is being destroyed.

A.V. Why were you beating him.

P.V. Why was he being beaten by you.

A.V. Durgesh is driving a car.

P.V. A car is being driven by Durgesh.

A.V. Durgesh will have met you.

P.V. You will have been met by Durgesh.

A.V.Sunita will knit a sweater

P.V. A sweater will be knitted by Sunita.

A.V. Please help your brother.

P.V. You are requested to help your brother.

A.V. Bring a glass of water.

P.V. Let a glass of water be brought.

A.V. What can you do?

P.V. What can be done by you.

A.V. How many pens did you buy?

P.V. How many pens were bought by you?

A.V. She must help me.

P.V. I must be helped by her.

A.V. She had eaten a mango.

P.V. A mango had been eaten by her.

A.V. Do this work.

P.V. Let this work be done.

A.V. Durgesh had watched this movie.

P.V. This movie had been watched by durgesh.

A.V. She may ask you something

P.V. You may be asked something.

A.V. I will do this work.

P.V. This work will be done by me.

A.V. She has solved this problem.

P.V. This problem has been solved by her

A.V. She will tell you.

P.V. You will be told by her.

A.V. My sister has purchased this house.

P.V. This house has been purchased by me sister.

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