Hindi to English Sentences

Hindi to English Sentences   Hindi to English Sentences  I hope you will learn these sentences…

Daily New English Sentences

Daily New English Sentences You’re Welcome, Daily New English Sentences   1. Aman eats food. अमन…

Sentences correction in English

Sentences correction in English   You are welcome to this blog   Let’s start Read carefully. …

Vegetables name in english with Hindi

Vegetables name in English with Hindi   You are being given many vegetable names in this…

Present Perfect Tense Exercise

Present Perfect Tense Exercise Also, Play My More Exercises past-continuous-tense-exercise  

Present Continuous Tense Exercise

Present Continuous Tense Exercise  Past-continuous-tense-exercise    I hope you will like this exercise  

Past Continuous Tense Exercise

Past Continuous Tense Exercise I hope you will enjoy this exercise. Thanks for playing Future-Perfect-Continuous-Tense-With-Examples

Past Perfect Tense Exercise

Past Perfect Tense Exercise Also, Play My More Exercises hindi-to-english-exercise THANKS FOR PLAYING KEEP IT UP

Past Perfect Continuous Tense exercise

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Exercise   Also Play My More Exercises future-perfect-continuous-tense-with-examples some more questions will…

Present Indefinite Tense Exercise

Present Indefinite Tense Exercise Also, read my more blogs and Quizzes verbs-exercises  Some more exercises will…

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